Maybe you already have a place to store your tools, perhaps a huge tool box workstation. That’s a big step. But how you organize your tools in your storage space is completely separate. It’s often the little things that do the trick, and we’ve got those little organizing helpers for you right here on the Accessories page. 

For instance, check out the non-slip drawer liners from Waterloo. These roll right out into your drawers and can be cut to any length. Once placed in the drawers of your rolling tool chest cabinet or other tool box, those tools aren’t going anywhere, as the surface of the liner is rough enough to stop item slippage. 

Also from Waterloo is a three-piece drawer organizer, useful for keeping small items such as nails and screws. For those really valuable items, also check out a Waterloo lockable storage box. These are compact, simple, and secure. 

So start organizing your toolbox top chest or tool cabinets with some of these handy accessories today. And keep browsing all we have at Elite Toolboxes!

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