Intermediate Chests

Waterloo and the other big names in tool-storage boxes always have the variety and flexibility to get you exactly what you need for your specific mechanical situation. That’s why we think you’ll be impressed by these intermediate chests from Waterloo and International. Larger than our standard metal portable tool box, intermediate tool chests are about 26 to 27 inches wide and contain up to 3 drawers. If you’re thinking these seem sort of like a toolbox top chest, you’re right: an intermediate chest can in fact serve as a top chest, depending on the side of your roller cabinet or workstation. 

But an intermediate chest sometimes holds just what you need: just a few drawers’ worth of tools and not too wide. If you don’t need more, don’t get more. After all, something like a Waterloo 5-drawer tool box might be sturdy and useful, but don’t let your boxes take up more room than your tools! 

For more in portable, intermediate, and large tool-storage boxes, keep it with Elite Toolboxes.