56" Toolboxes

As our next step up from the 55-inch toolboxes, we’ve got an entire collection of 56-inch chests, carts, and boxes. When you’re looking to buy a large tool-storage box for your collection, you may wonder what the exact difference is between a 55-inch and 56-inch toolbox. But we feel that extra inch of storage space goes a long way, and you’ll notice the additional room when you go to stash your tools and find you can store just a bit more. 

The 56-inch, 11-drawer roller cabinet in blue and black from Montezuma is a handsome rolling tool chest cabinet that you can take with you anywhere your work goes. Or, for lovers of red tool boxes, check out any of our bright red Waterloo products, including the 12-drawer roller cabinet, the 22-drawer combo set, or the classic 10-drawer tool chest. Each has its own style and features and is just waiting for you to put it to good use.

Don’t wait to get a great deal on any of these 56-inch toolboxes from Montezuma and Waterloo!