Combination Sets

In keeping with our theme of bringing you tool box products that are just right for what you need, Elite Toolboxes is proud to present combination sets. These are basically customized for any tool-storage need. You can select an 11-inch-wide rolling tool chest cabinet from Waterloo or a 12-drawer roller cabinet with a toolbox top chest from Extreme Tools, and the options go on and on! 

Even larger combination set selections include an Extreme Tools 55-inch-wide tool roller cabinet with a hutch on top and an ample side cabinet. A 72-inch model comes with an additional side cabinet, so you’d better have the tools to fill that one! Don’t worry, we have faith in you. 

Combination sets are built for those of you who need extreme amounts of storage in attractive presentations. For all large tool storage box combination sets from Extreme Tools, Waterloo, Gas Monkey, and more reliable brand names, stay with Elite Toolboxes.