26"- 27" Toolboxes

If you’ve got just a small tool collection, or if you like to focus on only certain types of jobs that don’t require having a large set of tools, then you likely won’t need anything like a large tool storage box. In that case, one of our 26’’-27’’ toolboxes may be right for you. A Montezuma 26’’ portable black steel toolbox will look great in your garage and is small and sleek enough to take with you anywhere. 

Or perhaps you need a flat box to act as a toolbox top chest for a rolling tool chest cabinet. We’ve got a range of styles from trusted brands such as Montezuma, Waterloo, and Extreme Tools. Some of these are rather unique, if we’re being honest. The Waterloo 26’’ six-drawer tool center with a parts bin stays compact while still offering ample storage space, while the Extreme Tools 26’’ seven-drawer top chest is a simple black square that contains all the storage you need while keeping you within budget. 

Whatever your needs, there’s a 26’’-27’’ toolbox here for you. See which toolbox matches your requirements by browsing our huge inventory!