Rack Shelving

Any mechanic would likely tell you that if you can’t find your tools because they’re all in a heap somewhere, you’d better get organized soon, or you’ll be lost. It sounds simple, but it needs saying: organization is key, especially when you have an ever-growing collection of expensive tools that you need to be able to locate. 

This rack shelving is the solution. Need places to stash that metal portable tool box when not in use? Rack shelving is the place. Do you like to change out the items in your tool box workstation from time to time? Keep the extras on shelves like these. Like we said, they’re a simple and common-sense solution to clutter. Don’t let the stuff in your toolbox top chest get lost. Organize your hard-earned tools however you want on these shelves, and then keep the shelves right where you need them: in your garage! The rack shelves come in a variety of widths and heights for your convenience, so you can arrange your garage the way you want. 

Let Elite Toolboxes help get you organized.