72" - 76" Toolboxes

Newbies, beware! A rolling tool chest cabinet or other tool box in the 72-inch to 76-inch size are for the largest of the large tool collections. These tool-storage containers are almost intimidating in their widths, appearances, and robust strength. For perhaps the most straightforward large tool storage box in this category, go with the 15-drawer professional top chest in black from Extreme Tools. Gas lifts support the massive top lid, and the 15 lockable drawers below can hold between 300 to 600 pounds each. We dare you to try to fill this whole chest with your tool collection. 

If mobility is at the top of your requirements list when shopping for tool storage, Extreme Tools again comes through for you: the brand’s 17-drawer professional roller cabinet with a hutch and two side cabinets is an enormous amount of space all sitting atop 6 powerful wheels that will haul your supplies just about anywhere. Need something a little narrower? Try an Extreme Tools 17-drawer roller cabinet with a toolbox top chest attached. 

Every mechanic’s needs are different, and that’s the idea of offering so many options here at Elite Toolboxes. Browse all our 72-inch to 76-inch tool boxes below.