Side Boxes

Give it time and it’ll happen eventually: add enough tools to your ever-growing collection and one day you’ll run out of space. Yes, it’s true, your tool box workstation holds a lot. But when it just can’t store any more, and you don’t need another full-sized cabinet, cart, or box, what’s the solution? A side box to the rescue! 

Manufactured by reliable brands such as Extreme Tools and Waterloo, side boxes are slim lockers that still have multiple drawers and enough storage space to hold a bunch of tool additions. No need to move on from your favorite rolling tool chest cabinet: just attach a side box! These side boxes come in black, blue, and red and have your choice of size and number of drawers. 

And if you need even more space, have a look at a toolbox top chest, which is a whole new toolbox on top of your existing tool cart. These add-ons really save mechanics with a legitimate ton of tools.

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