Professional Grade

If you’re a professional mechanic, garage owner, or anyone else who makes a living from regularly working with tools, don’t settle for anything less than professional-quality equipment. You’re going to find lots of quality here on this Professional Grade page. The Extreme Tools Professional Side Cabinet is a sturdy piece that contains multiple sliding drawers that won’t sag when you pull them out. This is a top tool box workstation for your garage. 

Meanwhile, the professional-grade top chests and roller cabinets contain enough room to store every one of your tools. Later, if you need to select just a few for a specific job, you can remove some from there and place them in a metal portable tool box for easy carrying. The beauty of our inventory items is that they all complement one another perfectly, and it is all truly professional grade anyway. Take the Waterloo 5-drawer tool box for a spin sometime and see if it measures up to professional quality. We have no doubts. 

For all your professional-grade tool box and chest needs, let Elite Toolboxes get it done for you.