Triangle Boxes

These triangle boxes are a mechanic’s dream. Portable, attractive, and useful, these boxes keep all your small tools organized in one place, close with a lid, and are as sturdy as you can imagine. If you’re looking for a metal portable tool box, why not try one of these triangle boxes? Their storage space lines up your tools and lets you view them all at a glance. Triangle boxes make great complements to a tool box workstation, from which you can draw the essential tools you’ll need for a certain job to store in the triangle for a time. 

The same applies for everything you’re storing in that toolbox top chest. Of course you need every tool you own, but if you need to go out on the road, or if you just need a select few tools for a certain task, don’t leave home without a triangle box. It’s the perfect size for what you’ll require. Plus, the locking lid holds everything in place, so don’t be afraid to bounce it around a little as you travel! 

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