RMI Toolboxes

Rhino Metals, Inc. (RMI) is one of the top tool box brands we offer in our selection of tool chests and portable tool boxes. Made in the USA but used all over the world by professionals, RMI storage solutions offer protection where you need it most plus convenience features that make it easy to get the job done, whether you’re keeping tools in your workshop or outfitting your garage.

All of RMI’s cabinet tool boxes are made with tough steel and are powder coated for additional durability. Need to keep your tools on the move? RMI makes roller cabinet tool box options to outfit your shop or work area, making it easy to maneuver around your project or your vehicles.

Shop and save on RMI tool boxes from the selection of top tool box brands at We’re proud to offer portable and roller cabinet tool boxes to outfit any work area, hobby, or profession where you need tool organization and protection.