54" - 55" Toolboxes

At Elite Toolboxes, we’ve got a large tool-storage box for just about any occasion, and here you can find all our 55-inch models that are great for those middle-of-the-road-sized tool collections. If you’ve had to upgrade from our 42-inch toolboxes, you’ll really see where those extra 13 inches went. Take the 55-inch, 11-drawer rolling tool chest cabinet in black from Extreme Tools. Its 4 wheels, stainless steel worktop, and lockable drawers mean that you can take your workstation anywhere in your garage and then lock your tools away for safekeeping. 

If you’re looking for a different style, the 20-drawer tool chest and roller combo from Extreme Tools is more upright and features a tool chest atop a rolling cabinet. Of course, the same steel bodies and lockable drawers apply here. 

Each of these 55-inch toolboxes offers something a little different, so feel free to browse through them, and contact us with any questions. For when that standalone toolbox top chest just isn’t enough, we’ve got 55-inch toolboxes and roller carts from Extreme Tools, RMI, and other names.