Extreme Tools Power Tool Rack Accessory - Black

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Extreme Tools® ACPTR Power Tool Rack Accessory hangs on the edge of our RX and DX Series Extreme Power Workstation® Hutches as well over the top rails of most roller cabinets and tool carts. Our Power Tool Rack keeps your power tools close by making it easy to access them when you are working. We went one step farther to make your work space even more convenient, we provided pre-drilled holes and cutouts on the Power Tool Rack so that you can attach a power strip and run the cord through the back of the rack to keep it out of your way. Everything you need is just an arm’s length away. The Power Tool Rack Accessory is adjustable to accommodate a variety of power tool sizes. Plus, it is made from heavy-duty powder coated steel, so it’s tough enough to hold up to rigorous use.


13.25”W x 6.375”D x 4”H (PTR with rack in bottom position)

13.25”W x 6”D x 5.25”H (PRT with rack in top position)

  • The Extreme Power Tool Rack Accessory accommodates 4 power tools
  • Adjustable rack allows for 5 different positions to create the most convenient placement of your tools
  • Hangs on specially-engineered RX and DX Series Extreme Power Workstation® Hutch shelves
  • Hangs on top rail of most carts and roller cabinets (requires minimum 0.0625” gap between rail and another surface to hang)
  • Pre-drilled holes let you attach a power strip (available option) and vertical/horizontal cutouts allow the cord to extend behind the Power Tool Rack to keep it out of your way
13.25"W × 6.375"D × 4"H
Limited 1 Year