Gladiator GearWall Trim - 8 ft. (6-Pack)

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GearWall® Panel Trim offers a finishing touch for your GearWall® Panel installation. Great for finishing the edges of your GearWall® Panel installation or providing trim where GearWall® Panels have been routed to accommodate electrical outlets, light switches and other obstructions on your garage walls.

Key Features

  • Multiple applications 
    Flexible design allows multiple applications such as doors/outlets and switches, inside/outside corners, end cap and around windows.
  • Finishing touch
    The 6 per pack, 1.75 in. wide x 96 in. high x 0.75 in. deep, Gladiator® GearWall® Trim gives a professional look to the installation. It also allows you to be less precise on your end cuts without sacrificing the finished look.
  • Gladiator® Grey
    The Gladiator® Grey color matches the family look of other Gladiator® products.
Color: Gladiator Grey | Width: 1.75 in. | Height: 96 in. | Depth: 0.75 in. | Includes: (6) 8' pieces

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